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Industry innovation

Supporting new, sustainable business is an essential part of Luke’s work. Adding value to biomass and utilizing production side streams and by-products contribute to circular, resource smart economy, where less is more. With our well-equipped research and development facilities, also small-scale businesses can make use of top research and technology without big investments.

From wood products and useful compounds extracted from trees to new aquaculture innovations and health products, Luke’s offering for industry partners spans all our research programmes. Bark, for example, is a real treasure chest of useful materials. Using its anti-microbial and anti-oxidant compounds wisely with innovative treatment techniques multiplies the value of biomass thousand-fold or more. Together with our partners, we explore novel methods to enhance the utilization of polyphenols, ingredients, and other useful compounds of tree and bark.

Innovative food and feed products are a growing category in Luke’s R&D offering. In our modern pilot hall we test and develop new products and production processes. Our in-depth expertise in raw materials, competence in multiple industries, and long-term research supports innovation of new products for both people and animals, as well as novel technologies and improved processes. Concrete results of the work include, for example, Benella rainbow trout, which is a result of optimized plant-based feeding; and a health product for dogs.

At the core of our R&D work is sustainable use of raw material. We help our customers develop products that help increase both people’s and nature’s wellbeing.