Financier: Business Finland and Vinnova

Partners: 17, coordinated by Holmen AB

Industrial bark is an abundant source of underutilised biomass (annually 13 million m3 in Finland and Sweden). Industry-relevant fractionation methods for bark and further for the production of different types of intermediates for high-value applications are developed.

The goal of the project is to contribute to Finland’s and Sweden’s vision of becoming world leaders in the transition to a bio-based economy by 2030. Expected results include, e.g. cost-efficient manufacturing of competitive biobased materials and chemicals from industrial rest material by optimized processes and innovative cross-sectorial cooperation that creates competitiveness and new business opportunities that fill a clear marked need. In addition, strengthen competitiveness of project partners within the circular bioeconomy, by developing sustainable solutions to global challenges by creating development within the aspects technology, market and sustainability.